Sushil Mantri: Mantri Developers

Significant planning needs to be done to achieve the goal of providing “Housing for all by 2022”.  Revoking environment regulations and reducing the cost of borrowing for the housing sector are major steps to achieve the target.  The government should ease the burden of taxes on the housing sector. The public-private-partnership is one of the key tools that will mobilise the potential of the housing for all scheme. Introducing interest subsidy and increasing flow of resources to the housing sector, is required to control the proportion of slums in cities across the country. Read more

Dheeraj Dogra: Global Retail & Realty Analyst

Since the systems of urban planning practiced in India have not been in sync with the processes of economic growth, they will need to be revitalized to address the challenges of structural transformation of the economy with rising share of non-agricultural sectors in GDP, relocation of people and resources from rural to urban areas, and the associated increase in urbanization. Despite the ever rising construction activity in India, awareness of sustainability in India has significantly lagged behind those in the West. But with growing importance of environmentalism in India, the Indian commercial sector has begun to make conscious efforts towards creating sustainable real estate. Read more

Nitin Agrawal: SNN Builders

Customer first is a policy we live up to at every level in SNN and merely adding this to your vision statement is not enough. Thinking like your customer is the first challenge, and delivering a positive customer experience is even harder. Achieving this requires bottom-up approach and rethinking the way business is done. And this, in turn requires a holistic approach that encompasses from every division starting from the front line sales to post sales.

Hafeez Contractor: Architect, Padma Bhushan Recipient

The need of the hour for Indian consumers is affordable housing & architecture that can cater to the growing urban Indian population. Initiatives in the direction of creating economical housing that can replace slums & accommodate the population who are transforming from rural to urban in growing tier 2 & 3 cities in India would go a long way in neutralizing the demand-supply situation as well as create a price stability. Organizations like BERG would definitely play a crucial role in bringing together such thought leadership through their platform & initiatives. Read more

Irfan Razak: Prestige Group

Our patrons turn to the Prestige Group for their residential and commercial needs with no hesitation or anxiety about whether we will deliver on our promises. It is on the back of these core principles that we at Prestige have completed more than 184 projects covering over 60.74 million square feet. Currently the company has 57 ongoing projects covering 59.24 million square feet and 43 upcoming projects aggregating to 44.11 million square feet of world-class real estate space across asset classes

Rohit Gera: Gera Developments Pvt.Ltd

“Can you think of your customer as someone who is going to buy more & more homes from you?  This brings the customer to the centre of your decision making process and would ensure success & value!” Read more

Abbas Vohra: Architect

The use of technology to design and build constructions with respect to their conditions and situations is considered to be a novel and particular concept in modern architecture. The accurate and appropriate use of technology can result in the creation of perfect and flawless designs. Hence, the sensible use of technology along with the application of local civilization is the resolution to the current challenges in architecture. Read more

Vishwajeet Jhavar: Marvel Realtors

Understanding that people are worried about delay in the schedule and few of our projects in the past have got delayed, we felt it will be a good initiative to guarantee the deliveries and to mitigate the risk in delays in the project. Marvel has taken some measures like –Launching smaller size phases in the projects and Starting projects only after 100% procurement of statutory sanctions for that particular phase and investing in processes & construction technology which will make delivery faster.